Terms & Policies


deductible charitable donations:

NOGO Arts, Inc. is incorporated in the State of New York as a nonprofit corporation and is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the IRS. All donations made to NOGO Arts, Inc. are fully tax deductible under the extent of the law.


NOGO Arts commits itself to consider each submission in the spirit of critical generosity. Critical generosity is what it sounds like. In evaluating work, NOGO Arts commits itself to encountering work on its terms. That means that we will strive to let work speak for itself rather than assuming it speaks to us and our immediate aesthetic and editorial expectations. Submissions made outside of a specific call will be considered on a rolling basis and may not receive feed back. We will keep a file of submitted artist and scholar/writer names. 


All images are used with the permission of the artist or are licensed images. 


NOGO Arts welcomes submissions from everyone who thinks their work might be a good fit with our mission and values. NOGO Arts does not discriminate based on ethnic or racial identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, or religious/personal belief. NOGO Arts also does discriminate on the basis of academic affiliation or educational background. 

NOGO Arts recognizes that its work takes place on and across Lenapehoking, the Lenape Homeland.