Women's History Month

These early Apricot posts will likely not be seen until the site goes live later in 2018. Still, we want to be sure to recognize people important to NOGO Arts. March is National Women's History Month. Since 1987, this has been a Congressionally recognized event. As a quick shout out for the month: Holly Hughes. I met Holly while I was in grad school in Colorado. Skip ahead a handful of years and I am on the phone with Holly as she talks me through a major fall in my professional life. That is not name dropping. That is Holly.  She has fought her entire life for her self and always for everyone else. She helped to establish the WOW Cafe, became part of the NEA 4, and has mentored countless young artists and academics. Her work often uses comedy to soften the political punch, but she has also always made the personal political and continues to put herself on the line for all of us. 

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