About NOGO Arts


Mission Statement

NOGO Arts promotes and presents work in the LGBTQ arts and humanities to explore the diversity of our community and to educate the larger community. 


NOGO Arts commits itself to presenting the work of LGBTQ identified people and their allies. We aim to celebrate what brings us together and to challenge what we can do and what we might know. We celebrate the voices and bodies we don't always see or choose to see. 

NOGO Arts provides a venue and support to produce your work. Through a network of like-minded organizations throughout the city, NOGO Arts places your work in the public eye and out of the echo-chamber. Working with you, we create a series of events surrounding your work designed to begin conversations with other artists and ideally with those we don’t know or with whom we may not agree.

NOGO Arts also commits itself to respect and to compensate the labor of its contributing artists.

We also recognize that the relatively arbitrary identifier of LGBTQ is simultaneously specific and extremely broad. We want to explore and to recognize the range of experience within our larger marginalized identity. We want to give time and space to people.





NOGO  is a place that doesn’t quite exist. Like Utopia, it is an idea wanting to happen and a place waiting to be found. It is a place for performance, visual arts, music, and scholarship.

NOGO Arts does not have a physical location. This is purposeful. New York City already has many performance and exhibition spaces and we do not seek to compete with these organizations. Instead, NOGO Arts partners with these organizations to provide our constituency with opportunities to present its work in established and up-and-coming venues. Ideally, we work with other nonprofit organizations to create a web of support among the nonprofit community.


Todd J. Coulter  Executive Director, Founder and President of the Board

Julie Galdieri Secretary/Vice President

Arthur Bouie  Treasurer

Sara Gibbons Director of Development

Nathan Brad Hall Creative Director

Artists A directory of artists NOGO has had the honor of presenting

Advisory Board A directory of our current Advisory Board members